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Encyclopaedia of Human Interaction:

My Perspective

Update (22-06-23)
Welcome to my 'modest' side project: an ambitious exploration of human interaction featuring over 1800 subtopics and counting. This endeavour aims to map out the full spectrum of interaction in all its nuance and complexity, serving as the foundation for future projects.

Please note that this page is a work in progress. During the initial development cycle, I lost the Dev Space I had set up for ongoing commentary and feedback. For now, you can share your thoughts and suggestions via the 'contact me' page.

The EHI is a placeholder for the project I am currently refining. Despite its many imperfections, it has been an invaluable testing ground, enhancing my understanding of the Wix Content Manager. I foresee a third iteration on the horizon, where I transition to the real EHI.

Please bear with me as I work on updating the first 50 or so pages. A major landmark update is coming soon. Thank you for your interest and patience.

Update (25-06-23)

I am still working on this in the background; the project will be called The Web of Human Interaction.

'In the grand tapestry of human existence, each interaction is a thread that contributes to the overall picture. Whether it's a simple exchange of greetings, a deep conversation with a loved one, or a collaborative project in a professional setting, each interaction has the potential to shape our lives in significant ways. By understanding the nature of human interaction, we can weave these threads with intention, creating a tapestry that reflects our shared aspirations for connection, understanding, and mutual respect.'

Update (05-07-23)

I have started building the new WHI database and the new dynamic web pages to manage the new content. Expect to see that here shortly. A sneak peek.....


The Web of Human Interaction
Unravelling the Interconnectedness 

Welcome to the Web of Human Interaction (WHI), your gateway to the intricate world of human connection. The WHI is an ever-evolving compendium of knowledge, delving into the multifaceted nature of human interaction. It bridges the gap between diverse fields, from psychology and sociology to philosophy and quantum physics, offering a holistic perspective on how we connect, communicate, and coexist.




Welcome to My Encyclopedia of Human Interaction (The EHI), my comprehensive exploration of the intricate dynamics that shape your interpersonal connections. This is not just a resource but a journey into the heart of human interaction, seen through the lens of levels of awareness.


The EHI is my perspective on the vast landscape of human interaction, covering many factors that influence your connections with others. It delves into the internal and external elements that shape your interactions, from emotions, cognitive processes, and personal values, to cultural influences, family dynamics, and past experiences.


But the EHI goes beyond the surface. It delves into the foundational principles of the universe, and the hidden aspects of the human psyche and will soon adopt a game-based framework to provide a practical and interactive approach to understanding and improving communication skills, relationships and personal growth.


At its core, the EHI provides a holistic understanding of human interaction. It's about exploring the complexities and nuances that shape your interactions and offering insights on navigating the challenges and obstacles you may encounter.


The EHI is structured around the concept of levels, starting from foundational principles and moving towards a meta-level perspective. This non-linear structure allows you to explore topics based on your interests and needs, and ensures that you can grasp the essence of each topic and its relevance to interpersonal interactions.

So, step into the EHI and embark on a journey of discovery. Explore the complexities of human interaction, understand the factors that shape your connections, and learn how to navigate the intricate dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Welcome to the EHI

Levels: Dimensions of Awareness and Consciousness

Throughout history, scholars, philosophers, and psychologists have delved into the concept of awareness levels to unravel human existence intricacies. These levels provide you with a framework to explore the depths of your awareness and consciousness. Within the context of human interaction, these levels represent different states or dimensions of aw

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