Couples Counselling

Relationships don't always run smoothly and at times it can be helpful to talk to an impartial professional who can help you both manage the difficult situation in a healthy and productive way. 

The aim of my couples work is to help you both feel heard and understood, to give you a safe space to express how you feel and explore how you see the situation and to help you both find a way forward that works for you.

Couples counselling can help you with 

  • Difficulty communicating and understanding yourself and your partner. 

  • Barriers that make it hard to feel close to each other. 

  • Feeling hurt or betrayed by your own or your partner's actions. 

  • Understanding your own and your partner's needs.

  • Faded love and connection and getting it back.

  • Arguments, angry and resentments.

  • Old ineffective styles or relating to others.

  • Feeling loved and worthy of being loved.

  • Past traumas that distort perspectives.

  • External pressures such as work stress, money fears and family issues, and how these drain your energy leaving little left for connection.

  • Learning how to express yourself effectively to your partner .