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I offer traditional week-on-week, single-focused, and long-form sessions designed to get you answers in one sitting. You may have a face-to-face, video or call session. All times are in GMT

  • Sessions can be used for individuals or couples (together or separately).

  • Sessions start at 10am, the last booking for in-person sessions is 5pm, video is 6pm, and calls are 8pm. 

  • Face-to-face sessions are held at WA16; call and video sessions are welcome from any location.

  • All sessions are booked by you when you want them.


  • Cash is King: I am happy to take cash for in-person sessions.

  • Bank Transfers save me fees. Send payments to  Stephen Day, 11-06-67, 14657362.

  • The booking system has a built-in secure payment function.

  • Sessions must be paid for ahead of time.

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