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Client Compatibility Checklist

Welcome to a Path Less Travelled

Embarking on therapy is a significant step, one that demands courage, openness, and a readiness to delve into the depths of who you are. My name is Steve, and I offer a therapeutic journey that's anything but ordinary. Tailored to encourage genuine growth and empowerment, my approach is for those not just seeking to 'feel better' but ready to dive deep, challenge their perceptions, and truly transform their life and situation.

A Unique Blend of Challenge and Support

In our sessions, you'll encounter a level of honesty and directness rare in traditional therapy. This journey is not about comfort in familiar stories; it's about confronting truths, dismantling facades, and rebuilding from authenticity. Yet, know this, I am not merely about tough love. I stand truly as your greatest advocate, the 'gentle giant' at your side, equipped with insight, humour, empathy, and an unwavering belief in your potential.

Having partnered with a few thousand clients, I bring unwavering commitment and a holistic approach that sees you as the complete, complex individual you are. My style, inspired by masculine loving and support energy, firm, direct, and anchored in unconditional positive regard, melds strength with sensitivity.


Why This Matters

My method is not a universal fit, and that's perfectly fine. The upcoming compatibility check is designed with one goal: to ensure our paths align. It's for those eager to embrace change, assume responsibility, and deeply engage with their transformative process—individuals seeking not just solutions but profound self-understanding and the key to unlocking their full potential.

If you seek a passive therapy experience, one that gently brushes against your comfort zone without pushing beyond, I might not be the right therapist for you. However, if you're prepared for a challenge, ready to learn, laugh, and perhaps be lovingly called a fool, only to emerge empowered and enlightened, then you've found your place.


What You'll Discover

Our work together promises insights far beyond what you might anticipate. Often, clients discover that the initial issues they bring are not the true barriers to their progress. Through teaching, unravelling, and genuine connection—peppered with humour and warmth—we'll address not just the symptoms but the root causes of your challenges.

My Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you understand my therapeutic approach and to gauge if you're ready for the kind of transformational work we'll undertake. Please take a moment to reflect on the following statements:


  1. Readiness for Change: Are you genuinely ready to make changes in your life? My approach is geared towards facilitating significant personal growth and empowerment. Change can be challenging, but it's also rewarding. Are you open to stepping out of your comfort zone?

  2. Openness to Being Challenged: My style is direct and honest, always with loving intent. I aim to get to the heart of issues quickly, which means challenging you to look at things in new ways. Are you comfortable with being asked tough questions and encouraged to challenge your own perceptions?

  3. Commitment to Self-Exploration: Are you willing to engage in deep self-exploration? Our work together will involve looking inward to understand your patterns, behaviours, and the role they play in your current situation. This process is key to fostering self-awareness and growth.

  4. Taking Responsibility: Are you prepared to take responsibility for your feelings and actions? A core part of our work will focus on shifting from blaming external factors to recognizing your own power in shaping your life and relationships.

  5. Willingness to Focus on the Future: While understanding the past is important, our focus will be on the future - how you want to feel, where you want to be, and how we can get you there. Are you ready to focus on creating a future that aligns with your desires and values?

  6. Desire for Empowerment: Do you want to feel in control of your life again? The goal of our therapy is to empower you to make choices that align with how you wish to feel and the life you want to lead.

  7. Patience for the Process: While I aim to work efficiently, understanding and changing deep-seated patterns takes time. Are you patient with yourself and the process, recognizing that growth happens at different rates for everyone?

Reflecting on Your Responses

If you resonate with these statements and are excited about the prospect of embarking on this transformative journey, then you're likely a good fit for my therapeutic approach. This process is about finding empowerment, gaining insight, making substantial changes towards a more fulfilling life, and doing so quickly.

Should you have any hesitations or questions about any of these points, I encourage you to reach out. It's crucial that you feel comfortable and confident in our potential work together. Remember, this journey is a partnership, and your readiness and commitment are key to its success.

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