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Client Compatibility Checklist

Welcome to a Path Less Travelled

Embarking on therapy with me is a significant step, demanding courage and openness. My approach is for those seeking not just to 'feel better' but to truly transform their lives and situations.


A Unique Blend of Challenge and Support

In our sessions, you'll encounter honesty and directness, confronting truths and dismantling facades. While my approach is tough, it’s balanced with unwavering support, humour, and empathy. I am your greatest advocate, guiding you with deep insights and steadfast belief in your potential.


Why This Matters

My method isn't for everyone. This checklist ensures our paths align, catering to those ready to embrace change, take responsibility, and deeply engage in their transformative journey. If you're prepared for this challenge, you're in the right place.


What You'll Discover

Our work together promises insights far beyond initial expectations. We'll address not just symptoms but root causes. Quickly leading to profound self-understanding and empowerment.


Client Compatibility Statements:

  • Readiness for Change: Are you genuinely ready to make significant changes in your life?

  • Openness to Being Challenged: Are you comfortable with being asked tough questions and encouraged to challenge your perceptions?

  • Commitment to Self-Exploration: Are you willing to engage in deep self-exploration?

  • Taking Responsibility: Are you prepared to take responsibility for your feelings and actions?

  • Willingness to Focus on the Future: Are you ready to focus on creating a future that aligns with your desires and values?

  • Desire for Empowerment: Do you want to feel in control of your life again?

  • Patience for the Process: Are you patient with yourself and the process, recognizing that growth happens at different rates for everyone?

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