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Welcome to Your Path Towards Transformation

Embarking on a therapy journey with me is a significant step toward personal growth and transformation. Here, you'll find a bespoke therapy experience uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs. Whether you seek traditional weekly support, a focused single session, a sporadic schedule, or an in-depth long-form session for immediate solutions, you're in the right place. Navigate through the options provided, and let this system guide you. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Important: Compatibility Check

Before proceeding with your booking, it's crucial to ensure that my therapeutic approach aligns with what you're looking for. I kindly ask you to read and confirm that you understand and agree with my Compatibility Check, which outlines the principles and expectations of the 'results' approach I provide. This step ensures a mutual fit and sets the foundation for a successful therapeutic journey together.

Choose Your Preferred Session Type

Therapy should fit seamlessly into your life, reflecting your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. To cater to diverse needs, I offer three distinct session formats:

  • Face-to-Face Sessions: Immerse yourself in the power of in-person connection at my serene WA16 location. Priced at £80 per hour, these sessions provide a private and intimate setting for profound exploration and growth.

  • Video Sessions: Enjoy the convenience of connecting from anywhere without sacrificing the personal touch. At £70 per hour, all you need is a reliable internet connection for a secure and engaging session.

  • Call Sessions: Ideal for those who appreciate the focus and simplicity of voice communication. At £60 per hour, call sessions offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing for meaningful conversations wherever you are.


All session formats are available for both individuals and couples, and they can be customized to accommodate unique relationships and circumstances.



  • Availability: Sessions typically begin at 10am, with the last slots at 6pm for in-person, 7pm for video, and 9pm for call sessions (all times in GMT).

  • Control Your Booking: Unlike rigid scheduling, I offer the flexibility to book as you desire, including block bookings that don't lock you into a fixed schedule.



  • Cash Payments: Welcomed for in-person sessions.

  • Bank Transfers: Please direct payments to Stephen Day, 11-06-67, 14657362. I appreciate your effort to save me fees. I will receive the full payment using this method.

  • Secure Online Payments: These are available through my booking system for convenience and security.

  • Booking Confirmation: Sessions must be prepaid or cash-confirmed in advance.


Returning Client?

Please contact me for updated fee information and booking instructions if you're returning for further sessions.


Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Select your preferred session type to start your journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. I am here to support you every step of the way.

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