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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs (Am working on this 10-9-23)

  • Q: How long does a Long-Form Session last?
    A: A Long-Form Session can last up to 4 hours, offering ample time for in-depth exploration.

  • Q: Is this type of session suitable for everyone?
    A: Long-form sessions are best suited for individuals who are comfortable with a more intensive therapeutic experience.

  • Q: How long does each session last?
    A: Each session typically lasts for a max of 90 minutes, giving us ample time to explore your concerns.

  • Q: Can I switch to a different session type later?
    A: Absolutely; flexibility is one of the hallmarks of my practice. You can switch to a different session type that better suits your needs at any time.

  • Q: Are you fully licenced and insured
    A: Yes, I am; documentation is available upon request

  • Q: What's your availability like?
    A: Essentially 24/7. My flexible schedule means I'm here when you need me, even on holidays.

  • Q: Can I switch session types?
    A: Absolutely. You can switch, swap, and change session types at any time.

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