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Transform Your Life with No-Nonsense Counselling Therapy

I don't care how you feel; I care how you want to feel

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Feeling stuck with trauma, relationship issues, or anxiety? Welcome to Steve Day Therapy, where I offer a unique, down-to-earth approach to counselling services tailored just for you.

Why Choose Me? I'm Not Your Typical Therapist.

Transformative Journey: Dive deep into a transformative journey that honors your individuality and propels you forward.

Unmatched Privacy: Your privacy isn't just a promise; it's a guarantee. Nestled 10 minutes from the Lymm Service Motorway Station, my secluded location ensures your utmost confidentiality. Whether you're a high-profile individual or someone who values their privacy, I've got you covered.

Life Patterns and Relationship Dynamics: Specializing in the complex dynamics of interpersonal relationships, I help you see the patterns that keep you stuck.

Flexibility and Convenience: My schedule is designed to fit around your life, offering last-minute bookings and a variety of session types to suit your needs.

Judgment-Free Zone: I offer a safe space where you can be your authentic self, free from judgment or labels.

Emotional Intelligence: I tune into the subtle energies, archetypes, and patterns that shape your narrative.

Mental Wellness Coach: Think of me as the trainer at the gym for your mind and soul. I offer direct, honest feedback, showing you new ways of seeing and understanding yourself, gentle but also harsh.

Future-Focused: While we might touch upon the seed of your issues, my focus is on the future. How do you want to feel? Where do you want to be, and why are you not already there?

Holistic Wellness: I see more than just a client; I see a complex individual with a myriad of experiences and potential. My role is to help you see a holistic view of yourself, others, and your situation.

Affordable and Accessible: I offer sliding scale fees and am open to negotiating rates to make therapy accessible to all.

Commitment to Growth: Every day is a school day in my practice, and I'm committed to ongoing self-development to offer you the best therapeutic experience.

Advocacy and Support: Remember, I'm not just your therapist; I'm your advocate. I'll challenge you, but always with your best interests at heart.

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