What I Offer And How I Work

You will find information here on how I operate my counselling service

  • I operate my person-centred counselling therapy service from my home address in a room that I have set up to be warm and cosy where it is safe and welcoming to talk and share in a trusting private space. Please note there are steps leading to my home and no downstairs facilities.


  • My fees are based on the time of your session. Sessions from 10am till 6pm are £30 an hour 4pm till 8pm are £40 an hour, If you want a longer session the 2nd hour is always £20.

  • I work with anyone over the age of 18 and I work with individuals as well as couples/two individuals.


  • When working with a couple I operate in two ways that you are able to choose or swap between at any time. You can come together for a 2-hour session where we look at the relationship and how you both feel and act within it. Or you can both come separately for an hour each where we can talk one to one more in-depth about your own personal issues that are affecting you and the relationship