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Daddy Birds Gift of Rest

Setting Healthy Limits

A nest with a baby bird looking up at daddy bird
Daddy Birds Gift of Rest
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Once upon a time, in a nest high up in a tree, there lived a daddy bird and his baby bird. The daddy bird loved his baby bird more than anything in the world, and would do anything to make his baby happy.

One day, the baby bird started to demand more and more worms from the daddy bird. "I want more worms!" the baby bird chirped. "Give me more worms, Daddy!"

At first, the daddy bird was happy to oblige. He wanted to make his baby bird happy, and he knew that worms were the baby's favourite food. But as time went on, the baby bird's demands grew more and more frequent, until the daddy bird began to feel resentful.

"Why does my baby bird always want more and more worms?" the daddy bird thought to himself. "Can't my baby be happy with what he has?"

The daddy bird began to feel angry and frustrated with his baby bird, and he started to withhold the worms. The baby bird became sad and hungry, and the daddy bird realized he had made a mistake.

He realized that his baby bird had every right to want more worms, just as he had every right to want to fly high in the sky. But the daddy bird also realized that it was his job as a parent to set healthy limits and to provide his baby bird with what he needed, not just what he wanted.

From then on, the daddy bird made sure to give his baby bird the worms he needed to grow strong and healthy, but he also made sure to teach his baby bird the importance of being grateful for what he had. And the baby bird learned that while it was natural to want more and more, it was also important to appreciate the things he already had.

And so, the daddy bird and his baby bird lived happily ever after, with a newfound appreciation for each other and the world around them.

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