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How to Train an Elephant

The Conditioned Mind

Anyone old enough to recall seeing elephants at the circus may recall seeing the huge animal held in place with only a small chain. When the strength of an elephant is compared to that of the chain or the stake holding it to the ground you have to ask the questions,

What is stopping the huge elephant from pulling out the chain and escaping, well..

the answer is, "Conditioning"

When the elephant is young and small the same chains are put on her foot. At this young age she has little strength and over time learns that she is not strong enough to get out of her chains and she gives up and stops trying. She is conditioned from birth to believe that she can not break free from her chains and after trying again and again only to fail over and over again she learns to believe the lie that she will never be free and she learns to live with her fate.

The problem here is that we all get stuck in mental chains. We try and we fail so we give up and learn to live with whatever is holding us back but just like the elephant you need to challenge your old mental chains because chains rust and weaken over time and our maturity brings us the strength we need to break free and win.

Thank you for reading..

Steve D

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