Book - Emotional Intelligence

This is a fascinating book that explores the idea that emotional intelligence is more important that mental intelligence. Can your emotional IQ determine your level of happiness in life. Can we learn how men and women learn to use emotion when growing up to better help us in relationships later in life. Can teaching children the simplest things like not eating a treat for 10 minutes make all the difference to their life long happiness. What happens to those of us who did not grow with the most amazing care givers and what can we do to improve our emotional intelligence.

Here are some of the ideas raised in the book:

  • Why we lash out and lose control so fast when something makes us angry and what we can do about it.

  • When you are feeling angry are you better off screaming and swearing or is it best to keep it bottled up?

  • The importance of teaching children the emotional tools they need to make the most out of life and the question of why our schools are not putting more importance on this area of development.

  • The difference in the way men and women learn to use their emotions and why there are so many relationship issues around emotions.

  • Is there a link to health and emotion? Will you live longer and happier with less anger and

  • how much stress do you create with your own mind and is this anxiety causing you to get ill more often.

  • Does stress make you stupid.

  • Do you make bad choices because you think of your problems logicly without trusting your gut feeling.

  • The link between violent crime and neglect in childhood.

  • How our emotional intelligence is formed by the way we receive affection when growing up and the different messages we get by something like a hug vs “go to your room”

There is no way to do justice to this great book in just a few bullet points and my use of them here is proof of the decline in our ability to focus and use our emotional intelligence. You can find the audio version of this book online with ease and is only 3 hours long, an easy listen in 3 hourly sessions.

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