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I think therefore I am... Are you sure?

Blink is an interesting book devoted to questioning the idea that we can learn more in the blink of an eye than we can in months of research. Are you better off trusting your gut reaction rather than thinking it over. This book explores both sides of this idea.

  • Can you tell how good a teacher is with a 3 second silent video of them teaching?

  • Can you tell if a couple will divorce by watching them converse for a few minutes?

  • Can an expert spot a forgery even when all tests say otherwise?

  • Are you subconsciously racist?

  • Can you tell Coke a Cola from Pepsi? Are you sure?

  • Can you be primed to act differently or even to make you smarter?

  • When facing a serious medical decision would you prefer your doctor do more diagnostic test or not?

There are a ton of interesting questions in this book and far to much to note here.

One of the things I enjoy most in this book is the topic of "micro expressions". It's the science of using slow motion video recordings to show someone's face when there talking to show fleeting expression that can be seen with ease when slowed down, these micro expressions shows more deeply the true feelings. Do we instinctively question someone's intention because our brain can spot these expressions even if we have not consciously seen them.

There are stories and examples in this book that will have you question just how much you should trust your first impression and even your second and third. Take the example of 4 police officers who mistakenly shot a man 41 times believing he was pulling a gun on them only to find out that everything they thought they knew was false. The author Malcolm Gladwell dissects these types of moments in his usual way to help us understand what is going on deep within us behind closed doors and how much impact on us our beliefs and unconscious have on us in everyday life.

This book can be found on Ebay, Amazon, it is in audio on Audible and you can even get it free from your local library.

Enjoy reading or listening and enjoy the benefits that follow

Steve D


"I believe and I hope that by the end of this book you will believe it as well that, the task of making sense of ourselves and our behaviour requires that we acknowledge that there can be as much value in 'the blink of an eye' as there is in months of rational analysis "

"can you know what you know without worrying about why you know it"

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