Book - Think Like a Freak

Sometimes thinking like a freak is the smart thing to do.

I love how this book makes you wonder "what if I do the crazy thing and think outside the box. This book is about looking at new ways of thinking and changing your perspective in order to get more of what you want. It asks seemingly crazy questions like:

  • Is the best way to get better staff to pay them NOT to work for you?

  • Should a world cup penalty kicker aim right for the goalkeeper?

  • Would we be healthier without the NHS?

  • Is quitting on one of your life goals the productive thing to do?

  • Do expensive wines taste better?

  • Are you more likely to take your own like if you have fewer people to blame for your unhappiness?

  • Is flipping a coin just as good as thinking it through?

The book is full of humour and makes a fun easy read while providing a wide range of new ideas. The questions in this book are simple but the answers are amazing and will make you learn how little you think at all.

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You will find this book quite easy to find as well as the audio version

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