Book - Yes or No - The Guide to Better Decisions

As part of everyday life we make a lot of small decisions and at times we make large life changing decisions.

  • Do I stay with him or leave

  • Do I move for that better job but leave my family behind

  • Do I jump or do I get help

  • Do I eat this or do I put it back

  • Do I quit

This book teaches you a way to make 'better' decisions and faster. It is written in a way that is extremely easy to follow and has clear steps anyone can follow. There are lots of examples in the story that help bring home the lessons we all forget to follow. It's written more like a story with characters, events and emotions and I love to listen to this book on audio and I recommend everyone else to do the same as it is less than 3 hours long and can easily be broken up over 3 days of listening. The point however is the part most will miss so I will state it here "It works best when you use it!"

What decisions are you making and why, do you want to change something you are doing? Or understand what and why you do what you do? Are you doing the same thing all the time and wondering why you are not getting what you want? Do you need to learn to let go of old habits that don't work and make new ones but fear the risk and the unknown.

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