My kids second new room.

For those clients who have asked over the last month about the continuing flow of wood that has been coming and going in my living room, and the suspicious blanket hiding something in the corner of the room, this post is for you. I don't expect to post many personal posts here, however, I have had quite a few interested parties wishing to know what I have been up to and thought it would be nice to shear the full story here for all. To get the full and fun picture of this story I will start at the beginning. Back in 2014, my son was getting a computer for Christmas and with only a small makeshift desk to sit at I needed to build a new desk.

( The old room just as we start work on it)

( The old room just as we start work on it)

Looking at their room there was space to place a desk but it was clear a few extra things were needed. They needed better clothing storage, the beds were old and falling apart, there toys simply had to pile in the corner and the room had not been decorated since we found out we were having a child and decorated in a neutral colour. It was simple; the full room had! to go and a new full room needed building for the two of them. Both the kids had a love of space so a space theme was decided. Now it was just a case of designing and building everything for there room

This is the design I made for them. It gave them much better storage for clothing and toys and gave them a real desk and created more floor space while adding much more to the room. It also created an issue as they liked to watch a cartoon to fall asleep to and the screens would now be under the beds. I solved this issue and made it into the control hub for the room. Lighting was something i wanted to add to the room with hanging strip lights and no room is complete without a disco ball so all this was re-wired to work from the “control wall” (not seen in the design)

Here are some of the parts I cut and made in my dust-shop (workshop)

Now the fun part hahaha. I needed them out of the room for the week I had given myself to rebuild the room but how to get them out without giving anything away. Thankfully my kids believed everything I said back then so I set a plan to trick them. The plan was to trick them into thinking the heating system that was in there cupboard had “blown up” and was leaking gas into the room that was dangerous to kids (yes I know how mean I am). While they were in school I filled the cupboard with smoke from a small smoke machine used for parties and discos and I found some electric crackling and crashing sound effects and placed them on a timer on a laptop in the cupboard set to play at a time I knew they would be home and sat playing in their room. It was simply a case of waiting now and listening, the clock ticking we waited and then. Screams!!. “Mum!, Dad! there was a strange noise from the cupboard and when I open the door loads of smoke came out”. “What! quick get out the room while I check what's going on”. Totally playing into the part of panic I told them the heating was broke and the smoke may be bad so they need to stay out the room (yes I know, am mean, ha). I told them they needed to camp in the living room for the night while I wait for someone to come and check whats wrong. Telling them I could run in to get bits like there mattress and a game or two. The next day I told them someone had come and checked it and it was not safe to go in there for at least a week and I put this over there door.

For the next week, the second they left for school it was all go as everything in the room had to be removed and everything had to be redecorated without them knowing anything was changing. Skirting and woodwork was painted silver, the carpet had to be changed, walls cleared and patched, wall paper plus a wall mural needed hanging and all the woodwork needing building as well as all the electrical work, even a new space hatch door needed making.

<<<< Use arrows to scroll through the photos >>>>

<<<< Use arrows to scroll through the photos >>>>

The plan was a success. And the kids loved it, the full room and all the toys they got that year were placed in the room all ready to play with, no boxes to open and no batteries to mess with. It was great to watch them run around finding everything and playing and climbing on their beds and even a day later a new scream as they found a new draw full of chocolate that they missed. It could not have gone any better.

However over the next few years a new computer needed adding as they discovered they could play multiplayer games together, they grew and needed to duck under the bed, the desk was to small to do homework on, the draws shifted out of square as i changed them a few times to hide there PC towers under the bed.

The room after 4 years uses, just before we started to change it. It held up well..

So Christmas 2017 The kids needed new computers that could keep up with the games they play. They needed yet again a new desk and new clothing storage and beds that you did not bang your head on. A new evil trick was also needed, I had 2 main ideas to get them out the room for a week, 1, Drill tiny holes all over the bed building up over 2/3 months and tell them it was a wood mite. 2, Using water paint, dab a sponge pattern on the wood again built up over 2/3 months and say it was mould. Both options relied on them slowly noticing the change so they did not think it was me (they are wise to me these days- mostly) However I much crazier plan was the one to go with. I would do the full room change in ONE day. A little over 24 hours is all I gave to do the work.

a simple design was made

Again 2/3 months of work was needed to build and paint all the woodwork but this time it was important to build and design everything with the idea it could all be click and go ready. With no time for even drilling and hanging monitors and shelves, i designed their new PC to be wall mounted under the desk and shelves and monitors would be on a single wall plate all pre-wired and ready to go. Units and other items would be fully built and ready to move in on the day. All this also had to be hidden and out the way, for the last 2 months, it was hard to move in the bedroom.

<<<< Use arrows to scroll through the photos >>>>

<<<< Use arrows to scroll through the photos >>>>

Another great success and the kids completely loved it, now to spend the next week clearing the mess that was caused by doing this, the rest of the house, garden and dust-shop are full of things to sort and tidy now. Special thanks to Lisa who picked up the kids from school and had them overnight while we got this done from 9am until 1pm the next day. And a huge thank you to Sasha for all the help and work she did.

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