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Video Therapy Sessions

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Embrace the seamless blend of personal engagement and digital convenience with Video Therapy Sessions. Utilizing secure video conferencing technology, I extend the warmth and depth of face-to-face therapy into your preferred environment, ensuring a private and immersive therapy experience that reaches you wherever you are. This unique blend of intimacy and flexibility is designed to support your journey towards growth and healing in the most accessible way possible.

Why Video Sessions Could Be Your Ideal Choice:

  • Utmost Convenience: Eliminate the commute while accessing high-quality therapy that integrates smoothly into your life, accommodating even the busiest of schedules.

  • Comfort of Familiar Surroundings: Experience the profound impact of therapy from the safety and privacy of your own space, be it home or any other place where you feel secure and at ease; for me, this means I deliver from my workshop :)

  • Visual Connection: Video sessions preserve the essential face-to-face interaction with your therapist, enhancing communication, rapport, and the therapeutic bond.

  • Flexibility Across Platforms: I primarily conduct our sessions via Zoom because of its reliability and ease of use. You'll receive an automatic link with your booking confirmation. Should you prefer or require an alternative platform, contact me with your request.

  • Adaptable to Your Life: Video therapy offers unique versatility. Whether you're engaging as an individual, as a couple from the same screen, or connecting from different locations, these sessions are designed to adapt to your specific situation, ensuring everyone involved can participate fully.

  • Scheduling Made Simple: Planning your video session is straightforward—with only an hour's notice needed (call me to check), it's easy to fit into your day without significant disruption. This flexibility allows us to work together efficiently, respecting both our schedules and maintaining the smooth flow of your day.

Video Therapy Sessions are more than just a digital alternative; they are a testament to how technology can bridge gaps, bringing us closer in our shared human experience. Ready to explore how video therapy can support your path to healing and growth? Let’s connect and make the most of this innovative opportunity.

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