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Individual Counselling


Life can be tough at times, it can be hard to know how to cope with the challenges that come our way.

It can help to talk to a professional who can help you process a difficult situation in a healthy and productive way. 

The aim of my work is to help you feel heard and understood, to give you a safe space to express how you feel and to explore how you see your situation. To help you find a way forward that works for you. I focus on what you need to feel better and how you can get there as quickly as possible 

Counselling can help you with​ 

  • Depression

  • Self-esteem - Self-worth - Worthlessness

  • Anger

  • Self-harming

  • Suicidal thought

  • Feeling hurt or betrayed

  • Relationship issues - adultery - disagreements - sex issues - separation

  • Anxiety/Stress

  • Addictions - drinking - smoking - drugs - porn - gambling - sex - exercise

  • Illness/Sickness

  • Holding onto past/fear of change and moving forwards

  • Phobias/Fears - loneliness - insects - flying - outside/enclosed spaces - people etc

  • Assault/Abuse/Traumas

  • Sexuality

  • Bereavement and loss

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