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Welcome to this collection of stories in the style of Aesop's Fables. Inspired by the famous Greek storyteller who used animals and the natural world to illustrate moral lessons, these modern tales are designed to teach important lessons. As someone who has often found themselves in situations that can best be described through storytelling, I've come to appreciate the power of a good tale. And like many people, I grew up reading Aesop's Fables, which taught me valuable lessons engagingly and memorably. I hope you enjoy these modern fables and find them thought-provoking.

A badger stuck in a trap - hurting

The Biting Badger

How Hurting Can Make Us Lash Out in Fear

a bird and moth sat on a branch with bat hovering above, all having a conversation.

The Blind Bat's Secret

Seeing Beyond What Meets the Eye

A beautiful bird flying above a forest.

The Flight of Love

Letting Your Lover Fly Free

A nest with a baby bird looking up at daddy bird

The Greedy Nestling

Setting Healthy Limits as a Parent

A puppy hiding under the bed with a city backdrop as the wall to add a sense of scale to the puppy's plight

The Hiding Puppy

The Power of Patience and Space in Healing

A mother duck and her two chicks

The Mother Duck's Lesson

The Importance of Self-Care

a silverback gorilla looking over his tribe

The Silverback's Wisdom

True Power Lies in Understanding and Balance

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