Life Coaching Service

Hi, I am currently updating this page. I will be offering Life Coaching as a new service very soon.  Steve D - 08/4/19

Life Coaching:

What is it

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What is the goal or outcome

Life coaching

Where counselling is about talking about your problems and finding ways to deal with them life coaching is more about setting goals for yourself, working proactively to better yourself, it is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and becoming the best version of yourself you can be.


We take a look at your life and how it is today, we talk about the goals you want to achieve. Ways you can reach these goals. We explore the obstacles and challenges that you will need to work on and how best you can do this in your own way. We work on creating a clear plan that will lead you towards your goals.   We will find out what motivates you and gets you moving and we use this to create a compelling and inspiring reason for you to start taking action immediately.