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I believe choosing a counsellor is an important decision and if you are to feel safe to open up to me you should know a little about me first, for this reason, I have made this page to tell you more about who I am, how I work, my style and my personal beliefs that influence the way I work. I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am before we start working together. If you have any questions that are missing on this page please feel free to contact me and share


I first starting helping people when I was very young, my parents had a difficult relationship, living with my mother for most of my life taught me the importance of helping other people, 




My personal beliefs

I believe the following this and change the way I work with all my clients 

Responsibility over blame

There are times that bad things happen to us in life and there are certainly times that we are the victim of injustice, however, I have found that taking responsibility for at least your feelings and actions changes the way  

Action over complaining

It is very easy to feel weak in the face of adversity and life is a difficult journey however I tend to help people see how there view of themselves as weak holds them back and help them to find ways to move towards strength, independence and trust in their inner compass. All you need to change and grow is to take small constant deliberate action towards your goal and time will take care of the rest. I always move towards greater 

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