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Working agreement / Contract


I take confidentiality very seriously; under normal circumstances, everything you say to me is kept between us. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • If I feel there is convincing evidence that you intend to seriously harm yourself or others, I may seek advice regarding this and I may be required to take unknown action to protect you or others.

  • I have regular supervision where I talk in general terms about the work we do.

  • If a UK court subpoenaed me or my records, I would need to follow their instruction.

  • I find it helpful to share ideas, stories and anecdotes from my life, past clients, or things I have learned. I do not share anything that would be considered personal or identifiable to anyone.

  • Recording of sessions is not permitted.

Data Protection

Any data I hold for you is used only to contact you regarding your counselling sessions and is stored safely and securely in accordance with the ICO, Data Protection Act and GDPR 2018. You may request to view this information at any time. In an emergency where I am incapacitated and unable to contact you, a designated individual will access your first name and number in order to contact you to explain that I can not continue our work and provide a possible timeframe for my return; this may be SMS, email or call.

SMS messages also form part of your data and fall under the same data protection as above. My phone is fingerprint locked, meaning I am the only one who can read and respond to you.


Long Distance Sessions

  • I offer phone and Zoom sessions; I am happy to use other software on request.

  • I will call you at the arranged time on the number/account info provided or you can contact me if needed.

  • If a video connection fails, a phone call session will be a backup option after 10 minutes of lost time.

  • You must be free from distractions and interruptions during the session. I can not offer my high level of service if there are distractions during our session, and ensuring you are free to talk is your responsibility.

  • Our sessions are private, and only those who have booked in for the session are permitted to be in the room while we have our session.


Counselling is most effective when sessions are held at regular intervals based on individual needs. We can talk about this at any time; however, you are always the one in control of when you have your sessions.

If you are late for your session without contacting me, I will text you after 5 minutes and call after 10 minutes past the agreed start time to enquire about your attendance. If, after 20 minutes, I have not heard from you, I will assume that you are not attending the session and will cancel the session, and you may still be charged the full fee. I have other commitments before and after your session, meaning time boundaries are essential for all involved. You may only be offered the remainder of your time if you are late.



Contact outside of sessions is limited to booking, cancelling, and rescheduling of sessions only. I will assume you wish to continue with your counselling until you tell me otherwise, and I will contact you for updates regarding you’re follow-up sessions via SMS and/or email for no more than four weeks following your last session.


Fees And Cancellation

  • See the website booking page for current fees.

  • Sessions must be paid in advance.

  • Bank transfers can be made to Stephen Day, 11-06-67, 14657362

  • I require 48-hour notice of a change to a session.

  • Failure to cancel within 48 hours or missing the session will still require payment in full.

  • In the event, I am unable to provide the session due to an emergency. I will refund the session and offer you a free session for the inconvenience.



Starting counselling can have unpredicted effects and changes for you and those around you; being aware of this can help you process the issue more smoothly. Opening up to complex problems and looking at yourself can leave you feeling more emotionally vulnerable/exposed. This can lead to unexpected changes such as a shift in your everyday behaviour and moods. You may find your feeling and acting differently and normal patterns may change. If you have these kinds of changes, it can help to explore these with me. As you progress through the issue that brought you to counselling, you should start to find a new, improved path, and you are likely to feel much better after working on the issue even after a short time. You must understand that starting this work is a “process” and may leave you feeling worse at the start or if you stop before completing the process. It takes a commitment to see it through to gain the most from the work.

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