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Welcome to my counselling service page, here you can learn what counselling is, how it works and how it can help you. You can learn about me and my role and the purpose and goal of counselling.

What is Counselling Counselling is a form of talking therapy that I offer to help individuals manage their negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to express yourself and work through your issues, which can stem from various sources such as childhood experiences, work, personal life, or imagination. I listen without judgment and help you find a resolution that's best for you.

Who is it For Counselling is for anyone who wants to improve their life by changing their thoughts, feelings, or behaviours. It's available to individuals of all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds. Whether you're hoping to find growth, change, or a better way to live, I'm here to provide the support you need to overcome your challenges.

Reasons to Consider Counselling Counselling can be helpful for anyone who wants to talk about something painful or upsetting. I can address many issues, including but not limited to childhood trauma, guilt, work-related stress, relationship problems, addictions, depression, eating disorders, phobias, abuse, sexuality, self-worth, suicide, bereavement, and more.

What to Expect Here's what you can expect from a counselling session with me:

  1. Book your first session using the online booking system or by contacting me. Payment can be made online or by bank transfer at the time of booking or in cash during your first session.

  2. Arrive at the agreed time. No preparation is necessary, but you can bring notes or a writing pad if you wish.

  3. I will welcome you into the therapy room and offer you a drink.

  4. During the session, we'll discuss your issue in depth.

  5. A timer will sound to indicate the end of the session, and we'll wrap up any ongoing conversations.

  6. Unless it's your last session, we'll book your next appointment and say goodbye for the week.

Counselling is a personalized experience, and I won't dictate how you should talk or what you should discuss. The therapy room is a space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings at your own pace. As a general rule, our sessions will focus on the issue that brought you to therapy and how it's affecting you currently. This process can be challenging and emotional, but it's an opportunity for you to work through wounds that may be holding you back and find a path to healing.

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